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James Cameron Provides some Insight into the Avatar Sequels

Oct 31, 2014
James Cameron Provides some Insight into the Avatar Sequels

James Cameron recently gave a speech at WSJDLive where he gave a bit of an insight into the upcoming Avatar sequels.

Cameron was at the event to talk about the film industry in general, but obviously it wasn't long before the subject of Avatar 2 and the other sequels was brought up.

A question regarding the budget of the movies was raised by an audience member to which Cameron replied: 

“Obviously they’re expensive films, the point of making three together, as a sort of conjoined production, is to enjoy the economics of scale. We’ll literally capture the actors all at the same time, we’ll do all the live photography all at the same time, it’s sort of like we’re shooting a miniseries.”

As we previously reported the Avatar sequels could have a combined budget in the region of $1 billion, with Avatar expected to come in at $250 million.

Cameron then went on to discuss how he sees the future of film and VR:

"VR is nothing new, it's been around for a long time, the thing that people never quite got about 'Avatar' 1, and our upcoming films, is that we work in a VR environment. That's how we work. We call it 'virtual production,' but there's really no difference. We're in a synthetic reality that surrounds us. The actors, and their characters, are sort of taken in real time into that environment. 

In the moment that we're shooting, I'm seeing their characters in a virtual world and I'm moving and navigating through that world," he continued. "I use a handheld virtual camera. We live eat and breathe virtual reality all day long in our 'Avatar' production world." 

Cameron then revealed that special effects people are becoming more and more involved at the script writing stage of production:

”It was very revolutionary this time in terms of the way in which virtual production and performance capture were integrated into a new production system. So, it’s really more of what the viewer will experience in terms of the world, new cultures, new creatures new environments - that sort of thing,” he said. “We have to have a world that continues to refresh itself and be rich and unexpected.” 

He also pointed out that modern day "filming" is not entirely what the public would expect it to be:

“Interestingly, the term ‘filming’ is so obsolete in almost every regard because we do some image capture where there’s actual photograph, but it’s done entirely on digital cameras, and that only represents a small part, maybe 20 to 25 percent, of the total film. The rest is completely synthetically generated.”

Avatar 2 is set for a Dec 2016 release. Each subsequent movie is scheduled for December in 2017 and 2018.

Source: WSJ

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